Friday, 30 January 2015


My latest #ootd, wearing Zara dress that I bought on Sale. 
Love when Zara sale price tag got one price and then you going to pay for it and price is less.
Dress fits perfectly now and I hope still will look good after pregnancy. 
I'm wearing: 
top, coat, necklace: Primark 
dress: Zara 
boots: H&M 
watch, bracelet: Guess

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Today's #ootd , I'm wearing: 
top: George at Asda 
skiet: Choices 
bag: Zara 
boots: Topshop 
necklace: Primark

Friday, 23 January 2015


My latest look of the day. 
This top I got from Zara sale. Love Zara especially when on tag says one price and then when you going to pay for it is even cheaper!!! I like! 
Me and the bump are great. Baby is growing and mowing more and more. Just can't wait to see him! 

Today I'm wearing: 
coat, gloves: Primark 
top, scarf: Zara 
jeans, boots: H&M
bag: Present 
necklace: New Look

Saturday, 10 January 2015

29th week of my pregnancy

My pregnancy is now is 3rd trimester and I'm getting bigger :) 
My clothes are not fitting me as I would love them to fit but i said to myself that I won't buy any meternity clothes apart of jeans :) 
My day-to-day clothes are oversize anyway soo I still wear tops from before pregnancy.

Today I'm wearing: 
coat: Topshop 
jumper, heels: Primark
jeans: H&M 
hat: Reserved
necklace: Bday gift